About Me

AngelaI was born in Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) and lived in different towns and in West-Berlin until 1985. For those unfamiliar with post-war German history, I left Germany four years before the wall came down, i.e. four years before the reunification of Germany.

I lived in London from 1985 to 1997 and in the West of Ireland until 2012. Now I live in the South East of England again.

I’m married, have a grown-up daughter and two dogs.

I currently work in the online gaming industry as a bi-lingual editor, content writer and translator and have been blogging on and off since 2007. I think that I’ve had an interesting life so far and that other people might be interested in reading about my experiences and adventures and what made me the person I am today, hence this semi-autobiographical blog called “Breaking the Mould”.

Please feel free to comment on my posts – maybe you have experienced similar things and would like to share them?

Angela Burke


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